Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2005 – May 9-12 in Las Vegas!!

Hey all, the 2005 edition of the Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) has been announced.  This year it is going to be in Las Vegas, a quiet little town in southern Nevada from what I hear.  I had the opportunity to attend last year's DevCon in San Diego and had a great time presenting session and lab content, but most of all I enjoyed getting the chance to meet people trying to use Windows XP Embedded in their products.  We have released XP Embedded SP2 since the last DevCon, so I am anxious to hear how it has helped make embedded development easier and where it is still lacking.  If anyone has any suggestions for session or lab topics that they would like to see this year at DevCon please let me know and I will make sure to pass them on to the organizers here at Microsoft.


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  1. How do we sign up for DevCon? We’re part of the Microsoft Empower program.

  2. The DevCon registration site is not yet live but will be in the near future. Keep an eye out on my blog, Mike Hall‘s blog ( and the main MSDN embedded site ( for more details….

  3. matze says:

    Will there be a DevCon in Germany this year?

  4. The MEDC website is currently scheduled to go live towards the end of February. That site will have details about other DevCon’s that will be planned in other parts of the world. Stay tuned!

  5. OUr client, KUKA Controls wants to exhibit. Please contact us and submit the required forms etc. to secure a space.

    thank you.

    Marcie May

    The Rankin Group

    714 832-4100

  6. You can visit the site and follow the instructions there to submit proposals for MEDC 2005 topics. I will also follow up with you via email. Thanks for your interest!

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