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Hey all, there is now a web page available that provides direct links to the pieces of the Windows XP Embedded evaluation kit web download.  You can get to it by clicking on this link.  I would still recommend using the web download tool if possible because it provides for background downloading and will extract the files into an installable setup layout after it is done downloading.  But I know there are some scenarios where the downloader will not work correctly (certain proxy settings, domain policy that restricts the use of BITS, etc), and hopefully this will help fill that gap and unblock anyone currently having trouble downloading XPE SP1, XPE SP2 and/or XPE MUI packs.


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  1. jmedina says:

    is it possible to install a program on windows xp emebedded

  2. Yes it is possible, but it depends on what kind of program you will be installing, how it works and how it’s setup works. If it is an MSI-based setup you will need to include the Windows Installer components in your XPE image for setup to work correctly. Also, any dependencies that your program needs while it is running need to be included in your XPE image when you build it or you may see errors while using your program or it might not even launch.

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