Configuring proxy settings for the XPE SP2 web download tool

Hey all, if you are having issues downloading Windows XP Embedded SP2 using the web download tool released this week, you may need to update your proxy server configuration.  The download tool uses the BITS service to manage the transfer of files (the same service used by Windows Update and Auto Update, etc).  The BITS docs state that it will use Internet Explorer proxy settings by default.  So in some cases you may need to do the following to update proxy settings so the downloader will work correctly.  You can access Internet Explorer proxy settings by doing the following:

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options... (the last item in the menu)
  • From Internet Options, choose the Connections tab and then click the LAN Settings... button at the bottom right of the Connections tab pane

It may be possible to temporarily disable the proxy server to unblock the downloader from functioning properly.  It might also help to turn on automatic settings detection.  If these suggestions do not work, please double-check to see if Windows Update will correctly download files.

I hope these suggestions help, and in the meantime I am also investigating other possible causes and solutions.


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  1. Mihai Limbasan says:

    Following your suggestion changes the proxy settings for the current user. The BITS service runs under the LocalSystem credentials. You will need to obtain a chmmand shell running under the LocalSystem credentials in order to change the proxy settings used by BITS.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    because I couldn´t find the settings for using proxy-authentication, I used a solution with sambar ( You can configure sambar to work as re-proxy and you can configure it to do authentication to the "real" proxy.

    So you now can configure you local computer as proxy and then the download works….

    But maybe you can find a link to configure BITS with an authentication-proxy… (by the way Windows-Update also does not work… it is also not necessary, because we have an own SUS-Server…)

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