OEM version of XPE SP2 web download tool now available

I just received word that the version of the Windows XP Embedded SP2 web download tool (xpeffi.exe) specifically for licensed embedded OEMs is now available on the OEM secure site.  I apologize for the delays encountered in getting this posted.  If you are a Windows XP Embedded OEM, click here to sign into the OEM secure website and access the download tool.


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  1. I want that but in spanish

  2. Hi Sergio, if you download the tool there is now a set of options that you can use to download the MUI language packs. Not all languages are available yet, but Spanish is one of the available languages.

  3. Yong says:

    I have downloaded the SP2 without any problem.

    But just wonder how can I get the Desktop QFE tools for SP2? Tring to use the tools for SP1, failed.



  4. The Desktop QFE Installer is available to licensed OEMs on the OEM secure site. I asked around internally and you should be able to re-import the SP1 version of the Desktop QFE Installer and it should work fine with your SP2 database and tools. I’m not clear from your comments whether you have tried that yet or not. If not, could you please try it and let me know if that does not work for you?

  5. Yong says:

    Here is the details.

    1. I use the one for sp1 (Q824706_xpe_sp2_x86). It will ask me to install Q842930. Seems it has the dependency with Q842930.

    2. I tried to install Q842930. But I got error message: Failed copying file 328310_sysmain.sdb to QFE repository directory {41b0394b-74d8-4cfd-……} does not exist. Setup cannot continue.

    3. So end up, I can not install the QFE installer.



  6. According to some folks on my team, you will need to install the database update in Q811279 to resolve this issue. Could you please try that out and let me know if that doesn’t work?

  7. Tetsuji katayaka says:

    Thanks !

  8. Yong says:

    After I applied Q811279, everything is fine now.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    What I thought was: every QFE in SP1 has been included in SP2.



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