Official final version of Windows XP Embedded SP2 is available now!

Hey all,

I'm happy to report that the official released version of the Windows XP Embedded SP2 update is now available for download!!  You can go to to be redirected to the official download page now!

Windows XP Embedded SP2 has lots of bug fixes and quite a few new and improved features:

  1. All of the desktop Windows XP features for enhanced security (no execute support, improved firewall, security center, and on and on)
  2. All of the XP Embedded SP1 QFEs
  3. Many updates to Enhanced Write Filter - hibernate-once, resume-many (HORM), ability to commit and disable without a reboot for RAM overlays, ability to commit individual files with the EWF APIs, much better error handling
  4. Bluetooth support
  5. Other updated components such as the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 (included in the value add folder, you have to install it separately) and DirectX 9.0
  6. Huge updates to the documentation including full component help, many more end-to-end how to scenarios, full documentation for all new SP2 features and bug fixes - you will notice several doc updates even when comparing to the tech preview from October
  7. New since the tech preview - a macro component called the Generic Device Driver support component - with this you can add all of the in-box drivers for specific classes of hardware without going through and manually adding them
  8. SP2 requires SP1 to be present before you can install (it is an update to SP1), but it can be uninstalled so you can return to an SP1-level database if you need to without doing a full uninstall and reinstall
  9. Other updates that I know I'm forgetting currently

Mike Hall and I have updated the web download tool since the October SP2 Technology Preview with a lot of bug fixes (mostly related to better handling of failed and cancelled downloads, plus we added a feature to start over where we left off if you close and reopen the downloader application).  Also, we integrated the ability to download MUI packs for Windows XP Embedded (currently only 6 languages are available but the other Windows XP languages will be available soon).  Just like before, please send me comments or email me directly at aaronste (at) microsoft (dot) com if you have any comments, questions or bug reports about Windows XP Embedded SP2 or the web download application.


Comments (8)

  1. Great news….

    But the downloader are still not able to use a proxy!!!

    I think this is a "must have" option, because most big companies (which use XPE) will have a firewall and proxy…!

    So many people are not able to get the download…



    PS: By the way: Can this XPE-SP2 installed on a licensed XPE-version ?

    Or is the download just for evaluating?

  2. Thank you for the feedback. Can you please provide more information about what type of proxy and authentication is used in your network? I have not yet seen any issues using the download tool in combination with the proxy server here at Microsoft but it is probably configured differently than yours. I will also look into what options are available to fix this in the code for the downloader.

    For your other question – the download of XPE SP2 from the public link I provided in this post will only update evaluation copies of the XPE SP1 database and tools. For licensed versions of XPE, you should use the OEM secure site to update to SP2.

  3. Hi Jochen, I added some code that I think will fix the proxy issue you mention, but since I haven’t gotten a repro of the problem yet I don’t know if the code works as I intend. If you (or anyone else who has hit proxy issues downloading XPE SP2 using the XPEFFI.exe download tool) could please ping me directly at aaronste (at) microsoft (dot) com, I will email you a private copy of the download tool with this fix to see if it will work correctly for you. Thanks in advance!

  4. Dwayne McMurchy says:

    When/where can we download SP2 from the OEM Site? All I see is the link to the Tech Preview.


  5. I asked around about this and it appears there was some kind of issue with publishing to the OEM site (it has to be published via a different means than the public site). They are targeting this afternoon to get it fixed and replicated correctly. Stay tuned….

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