Official non-platform SDK download location for msizap.exe

Thanks to a heads up from someone who read my previous post about msizap.exe, I am happy to be able to point to a download location where you can get msizap.exe (along with a GUI-based front end to make it easier to use) from a Microsoft KB article -;en-us;290301.  This package contains an MSI that installs the tool, but it works correctly if you just extract the msizap.exe file and optionally the msicuu.exe UI wrapper.  Note that the setup package is branded for Microsoft Office, but it is a generic Windows Installer tool that will work correctly for any MSI-based product.

Hope this helps (it definitely helps me - thanks to Martin Hueser for the heads up!)


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  1. Ari Vaala says:

    You are recommending a download of the MS Clean Up Tool (msicuu2.exe) – but is this really a good idea if the Windows Installer cannot be used, (since the tool is installed via the same Windows Installer). In that case,then, you can’t extract anything – but have to go straight for the msizap file.

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