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In response to a post from Mike Hall about funny/sad/crazy UI messages (see his original post here), I want to submit a screenshot I took back in my early days working on Visual Studio setup.  Back in the day, the product was not yet .NET'ized and it was still known as Visual Studio 7.0, and our setup team was working through a lot of bugs and new features.  We had one particular problem where we were calculating the time remaining based on some information we received back from some Windows Installer API calls, and the info was ridiculously overestimating the time remaining.  After I logged a bug on this, the development team and I decided to have a contest to see who could get a screenshot with the longest time remaining.  I ended up winning with this screenshot.  When you do the math it comes out to something a little more than 67 years.  I know that Visual Studio setup takes a long time, but that is a little bit excessive......My favorite part of this screenshot is the additional 2 minutes that it lists because we all know that after waiting 67 years it is important to be accurate up to the minute.....

As a side note, back then Visual Studio was one of the first Windows Installer setups within Microsoft to try to implement an external UI handler, and in fact I think it is still one of the few to do so (not counting other setups produced by our same team like the new .NET Framework UI in version 2.0).  We had a lot of growing pains while implementing that setup.  It was always funny to me when I would send questions to the Windows Installer internal support email alias and they would answer by saying "I think the Visual Studio setup team is doing something like that" and then I would have to reply and tell them that I am on the Visual Studio setup team......


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  1. Umm, I know its nice for developers to think their application has a lifetime of more than few years, but I do think expecting the installer to remain current for 67 years is being REALLY optimistic. Does this mean that VS.Net will support the computers that far in the future?

  2. AndrewSeven says:

    I never got a screenshot of it, but in some of my first exp. installing VS.Net (Beta or RC), it would get to the "end" and then say 0 seconds remaining for a really long time… 15 minutes or more.

  3. Aaron Stebner says:

    I had a similar experience with the very last part of setup taking a long time, but in my case it said "1 seconds remaining" (with the s on seconds….) I should’ve taken a screenshot of that one.

  4. John Barone says:

    I thought the "Where Do You Want to Go Today?" tagline in the dialog was a nice touch. I mean, after 67 years, would you remember?

  5. Andrew Storrs says:

    Nice. I started a Mac OS install about 7 years ago that should still be running for another 150 years… I should ask someone at my old office to check.

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