InCtrl5 – updated registry exclusion list

Hey all, thanks to your posted comments, I realized that the exclusion list I posted here originally was not in the correct syntax for the InCtrl5 tool to understand it.

There is not a way to exclude files in the InCtrl5 tool, so you will need to look at the exclusion list at and manually exclude them after running the tool for the setup you are trying to model.

For registry keys, I have created a new file in the correct format at You can download this file, rename it to InCtrl5.ini, and copy it to \Program Files\InCtrl5 on the machine that you have installed InCtrl5. This will cause the tool to ignore this set of registry keys/values when analyzing a setup.

Hope this helps....

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  1. Carl Walker says:

    Aaron, apologies for posting this here but the "Orca.msi" comments were closed. I just wanted to say thanks for posting Orca separately, I was trying to get hold of it as I don’t have the rights to install stuff on my live machine, only on my lab boxes, so getting the full automated install was a nightmare. Thanks again.

  2. Darren Brust says:


    Is this file still available?  I am getting Service Not Available responses from


  3. Hi Darren – Unfortunately these files were hosted on my old ISP site that is now gone, and I don’t have backup copies of these files because they were created a year and a half ago.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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