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It took me way too long to do this, but I've now got a link to Jon Fincher's blog on my site.  He is a Program Manager that works on XP Embedded along with myself and others, he's been in the group for a very long time and has a ton of experience, tips and tricks to offer.  Plus he's got a very good sense of humor so his posts are more fun to read than mine are!

He gave some really cool demos and presentations at Embedded DevCon about the new features that will be coming up when XP Embedded SP2 is released later this year.  I encourage all of you to take a look at his blog when you have a chance.....

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  1. Dave Fincher says:

    Jon is my nephew. I’ve tried contacting him and was successful once but he was leaving for Taiwan I believe. I remember seeing a sight of his about r.c. planes I think it was. Hes a pretty good kid. Its been a loooong time since I’ve seen him and I’ve never met his family. I hear he has one too. If someone could forward this to him I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Dave. My e-mail is and

  2. Hey Dave – I’ve sent an email to Jon letting him know this info. Thanks for the comment!

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