DUAScriptGen v1.0002 is now available

Hey all, there is an updated version of DUAScriptGen now available at http://www.winisp.net/scrat/DUAScriptGen/DUAScriptGen.zip.  It contains a bug fix for the REGSETVALUE command (it was incorrectly writing blank size values for registry data types that did not need size values at all), some UI polish and clean-up work, and a new document describing how to use the tool.  As always, feedback and suggestions (positive and negative) are greatly appreciated!

Comments (2)

  1. sherrie Beek says:


    Is it true that you must install this and use it with VS.net 1.1?

  2. DUAScriptGen is a C# application, so it requires the .NET Framework 1.1 to be installed on the machine to run correctly. It does not require the entire Visual Studio product though. Hope this helps…