My first Windows XP Embedded post – DUA feedback?

OK, I know I've focused my posts thusfar on setup experiences and technologies, but I've been working on a project on my new team - Windows Embedded - and I am hoping to solicit some feedback here.  Are there folks out there using Device Update Agent (DUA) to maintain their Windows XP Embedded images?  I have run across some oddities and difficulties as I ramp up on the technology and I'm curious what experiences everyone else is having.  If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, feedback of any kind please let me know.  I'd like to pool all of the feedback I get and all of the things I can find on newsgroups, etc and figure out what we can improve on specifically in the area of servicing and adding new components to existing embedded images.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. Anson Ng - DST Asia says:

    In Singapore, there’s a lot of people using classisc OSes for their embedded devices like POS, Kiosk etc. One of the main reason they are not willing to change to XPe is DUA. With the current Windows Update technologies, customers, not OEM, can update their devices easily with just a few mouse clicks. But with DUA, even though it is automated, OEM still have to write the scripts, compile it, upload it. All these are putting them on hold in shifting to XPe. Some of the customers don’t even have a software team. They are just asking one of the engineer to install W2k, XP Pro and that’s it. So to ask them to write the image is already a huge task. Even if they outsource that part to us, maintaining that is just one thing too many to outsource.

  2. My first Windows XP Embedded post – DUA feedback?

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