New XP Embedded tutorial videos now available!

Hey all, some folks on the XP Embedded team have recorded some video demonstrations of various features of XP Embedded, including walkthroughs of some of the new XPE SP2 features.  Click here to check them out today!  I did the Device Update Agent (DUA) video, so please forgive me for being a little nervous.  I also…


Creating a combined install point with the .NET Framework and a service pack

Hey all, I have had a couple folks ask me if it is possible to create a package that will install the .NET Framework 1.1 and SP1 at the same time (or 1.0 and SP3 at the same time).  Here are a set of steps you can follow to use Windows Installer command line parameters…


How to manually assemble a .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 XP Embedded component

XP Embedded SP1 includes components for the .NET Framework 1.0 with SP2 and ASP.NET 1.0 with SP2.  Currently there is not an XP Embedded component for the .NET Framework 1.0 with SP3.  The following instructions will allow you to unofficially update your 1.0 SP2 component to 1.0 SP3.  Note that these are manual steps and…


XP Embedded direct download links

Hey all, there is now a web page available that provides direct links to the pieces of the Windows XP Embedded evaluation kit web download.  You can get to it by clicking on this link.  I would still recommend using the web download tool if possible because it provides for background downloading and will extract…


XPE SP2 MUI languages are now available for download

Hey all, the Windows XP Embedded web download tool (xpeffi.exe) has been refreshed and it will now allow you to download all 23 language versions of the XPE MUI language packs (previously only 6 languages were available).  You can get the updated xpeffi.exe at the same download location –  


Configuring proxy settings for the XPE SP2 web download tool

Hey all, if you are having issues downloading Windows XP Embedded SP2 using the web download tool released this week, you may need to update your proxy server configuration.  The download tool uses the BITS service to manage the transfer of files (the same service used by Windows Update and Auto Update, etc).  The BITS…


OEM version of XPE SP2 web download tool now available

I just received word that the version of the Windows XP Embedded SP2 web download tool (xpeffi.exe) specifically for licensed embedded OEMs is now available on the OEM secure site.  I apologize for the delays encountered in getting this posted.  If you are a Windows XP Embedded OEM, click here to sign into the OEM secure…


Request for help – XP Embedded web download tool and proxy servers

Hey all, last night the final build of XP Embedded SP2 was posted for download.  I received a comment in response to my blog post regarding problems using the web download tool on a network behind a firewall and with a proxy server.  I have tried to reproduce the issue internally behind the Microsoft firewall and haven’t…


Hibernate once, resume many (HORM) in a nutshell

I wanted to take a minute to spotlight one of the big new embedded enabling features that is new to Windows XP Embedded SP2.  It is called hibernate once, resume many.  We have taken to abbreviating this to HORM internally, so if you see this new acronym floating around in documents or newsgroups about XP…


Visual Studio and .NET Framework SDK setup and the concept of “vertical integration”

Hey all, I was talking to someone earlier this week about ways to detect whether or not the .NET Framework SDK is installed on a user’s machine.  They had seen my blog entry about detecting the .NET Framework redist and were curious about whether or not a similar method exists for the SDK.  As I was looking…