Associate MTM test cases with automation

Recently while working on a project  I encountered an issue with MTM not able to associate with automation.

Association of test case to automation is well explained in this article :

I couldn't associate automation because :

1)  I didnt see ellipses (...) at all in MTM ( under 'Associated Automation' tab ). 

~ So I moved to Visual studio and ran my query to open test cases. I could see ellipse button under 'Associated Automation'.

2) On click it just brings a blank modal window. I do not see any tests in "Choose Test" window".

~ I have a solution opened from TFS.

~ I was able to successfully build them and have the dlls created.

~ But, when I clicked the ellipses (...) in the Associate Automation, I don't see any tests.

Well reason for such behaviour is : Project that I created was NOT test Project type. I created a class library project while i was re-factoring my code.

Simple fix for this problem is make this project as test type or manually modify <ProjectTypeGuids></ProjectTypeGuids>  to 


Comments (4)

  1. vanaja says:

    tests in "Choose Test" window? I have a solution opened from TFS, and it got a number of test projects. I was able to successfully built them and have the dlls created. But, when I clicked the ellipses (…) in the Associate Automation, I don't see any tests. But, my collegue can see them!!!


  2. Rajesh Rawal says:

    Hi Vanaja,

    Sorry for delayed response. I will have to debug your solution file.

  3. Vara says:

    Hello Rajesh,

    Thanks for your post. I am also facing the same issue. I have tests which are developed using selenium and nunit (project type is class library). I tried to map these test to MTM test I am getting blank window. I am not able to see <ProjectTypeGuids> tag in my .csproj file. But I have added a new tag.

    But still I am unable to see the tests. Am I missing any thing here. Please help me if any thing missing.



  4. Rajesh Rawal says:


    Once you have entered correct guids for test project, you just need to build your solution and then you will see results in Associated automation window

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