Visual Studio Deployment Tutorial Series Published

A new series of tutorials about how to deploy an ASP.NET web application has been published on the ASP.NET site:  Deployment to a Hosting Provider. The tutorials show you how to deploy a web application project to a third-party hosting provider using Visual Studio one-click publish.  Here is an outline of the topics covered:

  • Deploying SQL Server Compact databases and the database engine.
  • Setting up Web.config file transformations.
  • Deploying to IIS on the development computer as a test environment.
  • Setting folder permissions for an application that needs to be able to write files to a folder.
  • Setting up an account at a hosting provider and deploying to the hosting provider.
  • Deploying an update when only code is changing (no database change).
  • Deploying a database update (SQL Server Compact).
  • Migrating from SQL Server Compact to full SQL Server.
  • Deploying a database update (SQL Server Express / full SQL Server).

Feedback is welcome, and you can post your comments either here or in the tutorials themselves.

-- Tom Dykstra
ASP.NET and Web Tools Developer Content

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  1. Magnus Bengtsson says:

    How about an article about extending webdeploy on the server side, such as creating a backup before the update are deployed or run some custom code pre- and post deployment?

  2. siva chilakapati says:

    A video tutorial is always helpful. "Deploying to IIS on the development computer as a test environment" is really appreicated.

  3. Chris says:

    Perfect, thank you!

  4. ASPNETUE says:

    @magnus – There is a new "enterprise deployment" tutorial series under development that will do some of that, possibly being published in December-January time frame.  There are also some blogs that go into extending web deploy — see especially

    @siva – Thanks, I'll pass the request for video on to the team that does videos.

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