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  1. Peter Cunicelli says:

    Thanks for a great article!  I just started working with 4.0 and I'm really excited about this feature, in particular.  But, what happens if I don't want any authentication?  I'm working on a site that is just point and click.  There is no security necessary.  I worked with VS 2005 for the past 5 years and leapt directly to 2010.  So, I'm probably missing a lot.  I've also been trying to get dynamic images to disply and that's also frustsrating.   Any help or push in the right direction would be great!

  2. Mike says:

    I have an existing ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web Application.  The Account folder was not automatically created.  How can I do this manually?  Thanks.

  3. Steven says:


     it would be good if there was a way of NOT using the ASPNETDB.mdf database that gets created by .NET asp.login but pointing the asp.Login to an existing database that contains user names and passwords. i.e I want a web site view of some existing data on an existing database and to use the existing security on that system.

    Is there a way of configuring asp.Login to look at some other database?

  4. Andy says:


    Change your membership provider in web config and set connection strings also to point to your data store.

  5. Jan says:

    Very clear and easy to follow… give us more! Thanks

  6. andyadams says:

    I'm building a website from scratch using ASP.NET MVC 4.

    The application is hosted on Windows Azure.

    It's a rather basic website application.

    Next, I would like to authenticate my users.

    The authentication requirements are, again, rather basic and straight forward.

    I did some reading, and it seems that the best two options for me to achieve users authentication are:

    1. ASP.NET SimpleMembership
    2. Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control

    Now, my questions are, which one should I choose? which one is more secured?

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  7. bob bell says:

    I'm developing a MVC web application.

    I need to check authentication for the following purposes:

    1.Entering the application (users must be logged in).

    1. Web api calls from javascript (from within the application).

    I created a web api project with the ASP.Net users tables. On the login of the client side i'm posting a webrequest to get the token. I store the token in a cookie for the javascript usage (for purpose 2). It works well.

    What is the standard way to get the application to know that the user is logged in (for purpose 1)? Isn't there an implementation for all of it in the Identity?…/net_barcode_aspnet

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