Smart Outlooking: Turn Outlook into a Dark Room

How can you eliminate “noise” when you are reviewing emails?  One way is to turn your Outlook view into a photographic darkroom. You can change the view to darken the folder pane and task panes. This way your eye immediately can focus on the important content.  The critical content is bright white, whereas the chrome…


Scheduling against multiple time zones with Outlook 2010

Although not a new feature, the ability for Outlook to cast your calendar in multiple time zones is quite a useful one, as the work teams get more and more geographically dispersed.  It is easy to set up.  Find out how to set up multiple time zones in Outlook on SlingAlibi. Technorati Tags: Office 2010


Color code your Outlook 2010 Inbox Messages

Most of us at Microsoft spend most of our time in Outlook and the flow of email sometimes can get overwhelming. Categories, Rules and Alerts are one way to prioritize the flow. You can take this one step further and color code your inbox as such: Outlook 2010 moved the location for Automatic Formatting. Here…