Checklist for Developers and Designers in Pakistan

Are you a web designer or developer? If so, join  the WebsiteSpark program.  To get updates on offers and events, join the Facebook group. Are you sharing the innovation in Pakistan? If you are already in the WebsiteSpark program, share your successes with us and win free music by reporting your Windows Server 2008 deployments….

WebsiteSpark explained in 60 seconds by one of our hosters

One of my favorite descriptions of WebsiteSpark comes from one of our hosters, Applied Innovations.  Thanks Jess! For those of you who are already members, take advantage of our offer to Win Free Musicfor a year! (Offer also in Arabic & Turkish) If you’re not familiar the WebsiteSpark program it’s a Microsoft program targeted at…


Hosting PHP on Windows Server 2008 via WordPress

WordPress is the most popular PHP application running on Windows.  SlingAlibi currently runs on BlogEngine.NET. We decided to set up a second blog engine with WordPress, running side by side on Windows Server with BlogEngine.NET.  The steps are super easy thanks to the Web Platform Installer, we’ll walk through them with screenshots below. In essence,…