Checklist for Developers and Designers in Pakistan

checkbox greenAre you a web designer or developer? If so, join  the WebsiteSpark program.  To get updates on offers and events, join the Facebook group.

clip_image001Are you sharing the innovation in Pakistan? If you are already in the WebsiteSpark program, share your successes with us and win free music by reporting your Windows Server 2008 deployments.

clip_image001Do you need support? Microsoft has a dedicated customer service department to respond to your non-technical questions regarding products and services, sales, licenses, activation and more. We are Always Open
with Ask Casey(Interact with our automated virtual agent for instant answers regarding general questions.) or Available in one minute or less with our Live Chat 

clip_image001Have non-technical questions? Get live, real-time answers to your needs quickly by chatting online with a Microsoft representative.  We can provide a response within 24 hours. Just E-mail MicrosoftE-mail us your question and a Microsoft representative will respond within one business day.

checkbox greenAre you having a hard time buying licensed software at reasonable prices? The Microsoft :: LicenseWise provides you with reliable quotes on software that you can share with any retailer.

checkbox greenInvite hosters to be part of the WebsiteSpark program! We have thousands of developers looking for hosters. Help us identify ambitious web hosting companies who are ready to take the next step. Any hoster who has signed up with a SPLA Essentialsagreement, is eligible to be one of the elite WebsiteSpark Hosting Partners in Pakistan. All you have to do is sign up!

checkbox greenAre you looking to build a site for yourself or your company? Don’t create your application from scratch. We have free applications for blogging, Wikis, Online Commerce, and Content Management systems. Just download from the Web Application Gallery onto your Windows hosting platform of choice.

checkbox greenGot an idea for a module to one of these apps? In only a few days, developers in the UK created a DeepZoom add-In called ZoomIt to the Drupal application.  You can be a star too  - share your ideas with us and we can help you get noticed through

checkbox greenLooking for a hosting offer in Pakistan?  Our hosting offers are listed in the Hosting Gallery.

checkbox greenIf your favorite web hoster isn’t listed in the Gallery, please let them know. They can readily submit an application assuming that they fulfill these requirements. Specifically, the technology requirements needed to obtain the “Spotlight” badge are: SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 2.0, URL Rewrite, IIS Remote Management, Web Deploy, WebPI pre-installed (valid only for Virtual or Dedicated hosting offers). In the future, Web Matrix publishing test will also be required. In addition to the technology requirements, an offer also needs to provide 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support guarantee in order to be eligible for the “Spotlight” badge.  There is a dedicated FAQ page for the Hosting Gallery visitors available at


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