Microsoft Middle East & Africa – People, Events, & Ecosystem for the Developer

The Developer Platform & Evangelism team for Web Strategy in Middle East & Africa

Are you looking for the right resource to help you with Silverlight workshops, PHP on Windows seminars, and deep drive training Visual Studio 2010?  Here’s a list of who’s who on the Developer Platform & Evangelism (DPE)  team in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) – feel free to contact me directly if you need additional information on the DPE team in MEA regarding anything to do with the web. This is not a comprehensive list. Instead it focuses mostly on the team that focuses on web strategy.


Microsoft Developer Events in Middle East & Africa (May)

The best way to find events is to use our centralized Middle East event portal or the worldwide event portal. Use the Advanced Search option to filter by country.  Here is a snapshot of some of the May events in our region.May 2010 -


Microsoft Developer Ecosystem In Middle East & Africa

Are you looking for user groups, communities and leader that can connect you with the latest information, technologies, jobs, and project opportunities on the Microsoft developer platform in the Middle East & Africa? Not meant to be a comprehensive list, here is a snapshot from around our region for communities you can look to for events & membership – and even jobs via Microsoft Gulf – Jobsand  Microsoft Middle East and Africa (MEA) Jobs, as well as general MEA organizations such as Microsoft Advocates in Middle East and Africa.  Keep current with the latest Microsoft Valuable Professionals in your area by typing your country into the search box (e.g. Saudi Arabia)

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