The Developer Platform & Evangelism team for Web Strategy in Middle East & Africa

mea Are you looking for the right resource to help you with Silverlight workshops, PHP on Windows seminars, and deep drive training Visual Studio 2010?  Here’s a list of who’s who on the Developer Platform & Evangelism (DPE)  team in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) – feel free to contact me directly if you need additional information on the DPE team in MEA regarding anything to do with the web. This is not a comprehensive list. Instead it focuses mostly on the team that focuses on web strategy.

Region DPE representative Role
Turkey Selcuk Uzun Developer Evangelist (DE)
  Eminay Yurtseven Audience Marketing Manager (AMM)
South Africa DPE Team Blog  
  Kath Roderick Platform Strategy Advisor (PSA)
  Suliman Noor Mahomed AMM
  Dario Mratovich DE
Israel Guy Burstein DE
  Eliaz Tobias Platform Evangelist Lead & Azure launch manager
Pakistan Naveed Bajwa DPE Lead
West Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and 46 other countries) Ken Spann DPE Lead Nigeria
  Emmanuel Birech Developer Platform Evangelist
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdurrahman Al-Qahtani AE
United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait Pooya Darugar Web Lead, Academic & Local Software Economy Evangelist
  Natasha Zaza AMM
  Ramon Bosch Smit DE
Egypt Mohamed Nar Architect Evangelist (AE)
Jordan Muhammad Arrabi DE
Algeria Abdelmalek Chetta DE
Morocco Damien Rossignol DE
Tunisia Hafedh Yahmadi DE
Libya Saad Ksheer Country Lead

Ideally this should be a map that looks like the US NorthEast DPE group. Jim O’Neil had kindly provided me with the source code for this, although I am also toying with the idea of setting it up as a Bing collection.

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