Remote Assistance and UAC prompts

Recently, I received some e-mail sent to one of our internal DLs describing an issue a customer is facing when using Remote Assistance: My customers engineer requests to connect to a user’s machine via remote assistance. The user accepts and the engineer requests to take control. The user ticks the box to allow the engineer…


Daylight savings time change for Chile

My team is responsible for issuing updates whenever a country decides to change their daylight savings start/end dates, or even time zone. Most recently, we’ve released an update for Chile. More information:   Also, my team is hiring! Senior Development Engineer


The case of the very annoying hpqtra08.exe

I recently bought an HP dv7t laptop and also got one of those HP multi-function printers. So far so good. After installing the printer’s drivers and apps, I noticed a significant slowdown. Opened up taskmgr and lo and behold, hpqtra08.exe was taking up 100% of my cpu. I debugged it and it seemed to be…