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It’s been a while since I posted anything so I figured I’d give you all, my good-looking audience, an update. My team and I have been pretty busy with File Explorer in Windows 10, and we are very excited about where we are headed and I personally am thrilled with the fact that we get a lot of really passionate users’ feedback. It’s a great feeling when you work on a feature that millions of people use and feel this passionately about!

Some of our features have been started to get picked up by various tech blogs, including our own Windows 10 blog. One of the features I wrote myself was the new Share integration from File Explorer. This lets you share files through any Store app that participates in the so called “sharing contract”.



One of the other features my team has been hard at work on is the new landing page for File Explorer, called “Home” in the Technical Preview. This is a new node in File Explorer where we show you your most recently used files, and your most frequently used folders. Pretty nifty!

There are many more features and exciting changes coming! What is your favorite feature so far and what are you most looking forward to?

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  1. WinMetro says:

    Please inform the File Explorer team that we demand Tabs in File Explorer!

    Its been 8 years since tabs were brought to Microsoft browser IE with IE7(October 2006) and now the the time has come for File Explorer. OS X just got tabs in 2013 and many Linux distros already have tabs. Were still waiting.

    25,044+ votes and counting:

    http: //windows. uservoice. com/forums/265757-windows-feature-suggestions/suggestions/6504231-add-tabs-to-windows-explorer-file-explorer

    "Windows Insiders" provide feedback to your teams in hopes of action.

    Now we continue to wait if you deliver on your promise that your "listening" and take action.

  2. Hi WinMetro, thanks for reading! I'm definitely listening 🙂 that's valid feedback, and something we've been thinking about and heard multiple times in forums like user voice. Could you elaborate on what is the problem that you feel tabs would solve and how tabs is a superior solution than the multiple window alternative (having multiple file explorer windows open, and for example snapping them side by side)?

    I'd definitely be interested in getting real users' perspective on this.

  3. dubeg says:

    Hello Alexander,

    Can you tell us more about future changes coming to File Explorer?

    Are you considering improving 2-fingers scrolling on touchpads?


    Are you considering making a new file explorer as a universal app in the future?

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