Why does explorer tell me the file was opened by the wrong program?

(or why Windows Audio is holding an Event Log file open) Today’s blog post will be about the “File in use” dialog. You may have encountered this dialog when trying to delete a file that you happened to have already open. In Windows Vista, all you got was “this file is open in another program”….


Why do .zip files from Mac OS show up as green/encrypted?

It’s kind of funny really. The ZIP specification mandates that a program/OS creating a zip archive include a tag informing about itself to the program trying to decompress the archive. This information is called “version made by”, and looks like this: 0 – MS-DOS and OS/2 (FAT / VFAT / FAT32 file systems) 1 -…


Remote Assistance and UAC prompts

Recently, I received some e-mail sent to one of our internal DLs describing an issue a customer is facing when using Remote Assistance: My customers engineer requests to connect to a user’s machine via remote assistance. The user accepts and the engineer requests to take control. The user ticks the box to allow the engineer…


Daylight savings time change for Chile

My team is responsible for issuing updates whenever a country decides to change their daylight savings start/end dates, or even time zone. Most recently, we’ve released an update for Chile. More information: http://blogs.technet.com/b/dst2007/archive/2012/03/07/hotfix-available-for-chile-dst-change.aspx  http://blogs.technet.com/b/latam/archive/2012/02/27/chile-dst-2012-fallback.aspx http://www.microsoft.com/chile/cambiodehora/   Also, my team is hiring! Senior Development Engineer

System Tray Notification area icons

If you’re a developer writing for Windows 7, you’ll probably have noticed that icons in the System Tray aren’t shown by default. Raymond Chen blogged about this recently, here and here. Notification icons are identified by a GUID, a Globally Unique IDentifier, which is just a big number. The idea is that each application that…


How do I file a bug for Windows 7?

Ok, so you can’t directly file a bug. Just imagine the number of random noise/issues (“my computer is slow” – well if you didn’t install that crapware you did last week maybe it wouldn’t be?)  we’d have to go through daily just to keep up with the volume. Believe it or not , the team…