Sequence Objects in SQL 2012 and SQL 2008

  Sequence Objects are new starting in SQL Server 2012.  They work similarly to an IDENTITY value, but where the IDENTITY value is scoped to a specific column in a specific table, the Sequence Object is scoped to the entire database and controlled by application code.  This can allow you to synchronize seed values across…


Using Windows 2008 R2 as a workstation (and a lab)

Lately there seems to be an increasing number of people that want to run Windows 2008 R2 Server as their primary OS on their laptop or desktop systems as opposed to Windows Vista or Windows 7.  I’ve been doing this for some time now, and I thought I’d share my experience.   I first started out…


Why is using “Instant File Initialization” on my SQL Server a potential security issue?

Starting in SQL Server 2005 and onward, data files can be “instantly” initialized.  This helps to drastically reduce the amount of time required for creating large databases, adding files to an existing database, increasing the size of an existing data file (i.e. an auto-grow operation), or restoring a database or filegroup.  I have seen auto-grow…


The parameters of xp_readerrorlog

  I find that few people know xp_readerrorlog accepts parameters to help you mine information out of the SQL Error log (as well as the SQL Agent error log).  The SQL Error log has a wealth of information.   In this post, we’ll look at some of those parameters. Running xp_readerrorlog without any parameters returns the…


Cool Windows 7 Feature…

I’d have to say that one of my favorite new features from Windows 7 – that doesn’t seem to be all that well known – is the new Problem Steps Recorder.  It’s a great way for someone to show you the steps they’ve taken when encountering an issue, or for you to document the steps…


Creating a custom performance monitor counter for SQL Server

If you have ever needed to monitor a value in SQL Server, or follow the trend of anything that can be expressed in a numerical value – then creating a custom performance monitor counter could be just what you need…. For this example, I am going to use a query that calculates the size of…


Windows 7 God Mode

Was browsing through my RSS feeds today and saw this on Channel 9: You can create a special folder that has shortcuts for just about every task one can imagine performing on Windows 7.  Pretty interesting… – Jay


Hello World

Welcome to my MSDN blog.  I am excited at the prospect of contributing to the MSDN community and helping people do more and solve problems with MS SQL Server.  My goal is to keep this blog strictly to the business of SQL Server coding, debugging, and troubleshooting.  My focus in the field is on SQL…


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