Uninstalling a SQL Server Service Pack

Did you know that starting with service packs (Service Pack 1) in SQL Server 2008 you can uninstall them from Add/Remove Programs like any other update?


But as always, backup both your user and system databases before applying any update, hot fix, cumulative update, or service pack!

If you are still using SQL Server 2005 or older, you have to use the manual method detailed here:

HOW TO: Remove a SQL Server Service Pack

- Jay

Comments (2)

  1. jp says:

    That KB article you link to is for SQL 2000 and was written before SQL 2005 even cam out.

    Do you know if it applies to SQL 2005?

  2. Jay says:

    The process is essentially the same.  You should have backups of all databases before applying the service pack / hotfix.  To roll this back you are simply rebuilding the SQL Server to the exact level it was before you installed the service pack or hotfix – to the level the backups are at.  Then restore everything from backups.  The article details some additional information around replication, full text catalogs, etc…

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