Closing an IE 8 TAB does not immediately close the spawned iexplore.exe process

Hi everyone! Just a quick blog about another feature of Loosely Coupled IE (LCIE)… When using IE8, you may notice that a tab process does not exit right away when you close the Tab window or when IE navigates away from it (due to changing Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC) levels, for example). For performance reasons,…


Clicking on the blue “e” in taskbar does not launch a new process in IE8

Hi everyone! This is Shahinur continuing our discussion on IE8 changes related to its Loosely Coupled IE design. In previous versions of the browser, when you start a new instance of Internet Explorer (by clicking on the blue e in taskbar, for example) you will notice that a new iexplore.exe process starts. If you are…


The Basics of Browser Helper Objects

Friday, December 07, 2007 6:00 AM In our last few posts on Internet Explorer, we’ve looked at ActiveX Controls.  Today we’re going to take a look at the Basics of Browser Helper Objects (BHO’s).  We’re not going to cover BHO’s and Security in this post, that will be covered in our next post on BHO’s….

Under the Hood: WinINet

We often have to work with customers to understand why a specific IE scenario fails.  In some instances we may have to enable some custom logging and data collection to get to the root cause.  However, understanding why we are doing what we are doing is crucial from our customers’ standpoint especially in the post-mortem…