Is there a way to manage the About:Flags page in MS Edge?

Yes, there is a group policy you can use to help you manage the about:flags page in Microsoft Edge.
The Policy is available in both Computer and User Configuration administrative templates.

GPO Details:

Policy name: Prevent access to the about:flags page in Microsoft Edge
Category Path: User or Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge\
Supported On: Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Version 1607 or later
Registry Key: HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main
Value: PreventAccessToAboutFlagsInMicrosoftEdge
Admx file: MicrosoftEdge.admx


This policy settings lets you decide whether employees can access the about:flags page, which is used to change developer settings and to enable experimental features.

If you enable this policy setting, employees can´t access the about:flags page.
If you disable or don´t configure this setting, employees can access the about:flags page.

Detailed values:
Enabled Value: decimal: 1
Disabled Value: decimal: 0


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