What is DefaultConnectionSettings key?

That is a good question and in this blog, we hope to shed some light and help understand what the DefaultConnectionSettings  key is and what it maps to when looking at the IE Connection / Lan Settings User Interface(UI).


DefaultConnectionSettings is a registry value that contains the currently configured connection settings for the browser.  For example, if you configure internet settings to use a proxy server, connect directly, or use a configuration script, those settings are stored in this registry entry.


In this screenshot we have set a proxy server abcde and port 80. Reviewing the defaultconnectionsettings registry value reflects these settings:


Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections


  • DefaultConnectionSettings. This entry specifies the configuration of the default connection used by Internet Explorer.
  • SavedLegacySettings. This entry is a copy of DefaultconnectionSettings, and specifies the configuration used by network connections other than the default connection.

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