Managing Favorites for Edge and Internet Explorer in Windows 10 Preview


With the next release of Windows 10, which is already available through the Insider Preview Program on Build 14986 , we received a new way policy "Keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edgeto configure the favorites in IE and Edge.

The new GPO is located under:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge
"Keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge"

After enabling this policy, favorites in Edge and Internet Explorer stay synchronized. This means, Favorites you add in Internet Explorer do appear automatically in Microsoft Edge too and Favorites you delete in Edge are deleted in Internet Explorer as well.

Another benefit of this policy, is that this setting eases also the maintenance of the favorites. In addition, the workflow also honors redirected favorites, so you can keep your IE-favorites on a network-share, and those are then copied to your Edge browser on the client.

From a technical point of view, Microsoft Edge still uses its own database at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\DataStore\Data\nouser1\120712-0049\DBStore\spartan.edb to use and manage its favorites and IE still uses the URL-files in the favorites-folder, which may also be redirected on a network-share. But, with the policy enabled, these favorites just stay in sync through Edge:

  • When you add a favorite in Edge, it is added in the favorites-folder of IE too.
  • When you add a favorite in Internet Explorer while Edge is not running, the database from Edge is not updated, as this is done when Edge is running.
  • When you add a favorite in Internet Explorer while Edge is currently running, the favorite will appear in Edge too.

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Comments (11)

  1. Jake says:

    Hi, where do I get the new Policy for this ?

  2. AxelRMSFT says:

    Once you have the right Windows 10 build, you can open your GPEDIT.MSC console to find the GPO.
    User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge
    “Keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge”

  3. Jason says:

    If you have favorites in C:\Users\USERNAME\Favorites\Favorites Bar, will Edge turn on its favorites bar to display them? Not being able to enable the Favorites Bar for students by default has been an issue for us.

  4. Ignat says:

    I am an average computer user and would like to have favourites on Edge and Internet Explorer synced. All explanations I find on the web are very complex and use strange terminology like GPEDIT.MSC, GPO, and similar, that seems to be completely extraneous to an average user. Is there any possibility to sync favourites between Edge and Internet Explorer without entering in developers spheres? If not, can someone explain the procedure from the very beginning, step by step? I appreciate your help!

  5. botskrim says:

    Useful feature!

    Once I started to use Edge, I’ve thought about this IE – Edge sync.

  6. Mike Guidry says:

    Is there any way to lock favorites on a computer so changes on another machine do not screw them up? Opened IE this morning an favorites are all in default order and not as I left them. Edge hasn’t changed.
    Using current release and this happens every so often.

  7. Tiensivu says:

    This is the registry key involved with this setting and will turn sync on:

    If you want something cut and paste friendly into a Command Line prompt:
    Reg Add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main” /V “SyncFavoritesBetweenIEAndMicrosoftEdge” /D 1 /T REG_DWORD /F

  8. Tiensivu says:

    The registry setting related to this is here:

    An easy command to run to enable it from the Command Prompt:
    Reg Add “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge\Main” /V “SyncFavoritesBetweenIEAndMicrosoftEdge” /D 1 /T REG_DWORD /F

    1. dave says:

      How long does it take for the sync to start? I have had it running for an hour now, with a reboot.

  9. David Miller says:

    How do you stop this? I keep trying to delete a favorite and it just comes right back. I have multiple PC’s that I use and log into all of them with the same account. I delete the favorite from them all at the same time and it always comes back and multiplies (has a (#) after it). I have over 25 copies of the same favorites list. It’s unusable at this point. Why if I delete it does it not sync that choice also? This is really getting irritating.

    1. ThumperNut says:

      Post-1709 Fall Creators Update:

      David, is this is in IE or Edge or both?
      Have you enabled sync in Windows 10 Settings? (easily configurable)
      Have you enabled the Edge and IE sync as described in this article? (not so easily accessible). If so, did you enable it via Group Policy or the registry?

      I’m monitoring to see if a Favourites syncing race condition develops if IE and Edge are synced as described here, and Sync is ALSO enabled in Settings. I have experienced this with syncing Favourites between IE and iCloud (to sync IE with Safari on iPhone)

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