Creating an all-inclusive deployment package for Internet Explorer 11

Today we release a new article on How to create an all-inclusive deployment package for Internet Explore 11, including the all the prerequisite updates, language packs, and spelling dictionaries plus the latest cumulative security updates in a single restart. This is a great help for business that are looking for guidance on implementing such solution and move to IE11 considering that only the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for supported OS will receive technical support and security updates after January 12, 2016. see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site for more details regarding support timelines on Windows and Windows Embedded systems.

Kudos to the Microsoft Support Engineers that collaborated in producing the article and share it with everybody!

  • How to create an all-inclusive deployment package for Internet Explorer 11
  • Where to download IE 11 from?
    • Download Internet Explorer 11 (Offline installer) -
  • or from the


One issue we saw before with the SCCM deployment had to do with the Package path for x64 OS [%systemroot%\SysNative\] which someone had written a batch file for it and included below:

x64 Batch:

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2834140
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2670838
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2533623
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2731771
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2729094
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 prerequisite: KB2786081
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE 11 Main Application
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart

REM ECHO Installing IE cumulative security update
%systemroot%\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package / /quiet /norestart


This blog has been provided to you by the IE Support team!


Comments (3)

  1. AxelR says:

    You can also use the following vbscript to help extract the MSU files.


    ' copy the msu and this script in the same folder. It will extract the files to a Cabs folder '

    Dim ExtractFolder: ExtractFolder = "Cabs"

    Dim fso: Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Dim wshShell: Set wshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

    Dim scriptDir

    scriptDir = fso.GetParentFolderName(WScript.ScriptFullName)

    On Error Resume Next

    ' Deleting ExtractFolder subfolder to start clean

    fso.DeleteFolder ScriptDir & "" & ExtractFolder


    On Error Goto 0

    ' Create Cabs folder, we will put the extracted cabs there.

    fso.CreateFolder ScriptDir & "" & ExtractFolder

    Dim scriptFolder

    Set scriptFolder = fso.GetFolder(ScriptDir)

    dim scriptFolderFiles

    Set scriptFolderFiles =scriptFolder.Files

    Dim file, TotalExtracted

    ' Initialize

    TotalExtracted = 0

    ' Loop thru all files in the folder that the script is ran in

    For Each file in scriptFolderFiles

    If Right(, 4) = ".msu" Then

    ' wscript.echo "Processing " &

    iRetVal = WshShell.Run("wusa.exe " & ScriptDir & "" & file.Name & " /extract:" & ScriptDir & "" & ExtractFolder, 0, True)

    If iRetVal = 0 Then

    TotalExtracted = TotalExtracted + 1


    Wscript.echo "An error occurred while trying to extract the cab file from " & & "…"

    End If

    End If


    ' Delete any unneeded files from the extractFolder

    On Error Resume Next

    fso.DeleteFile ScriptDir & "" & ExtractFolder & "", True

    On Error Goto 0

    WScript.Echo "A total of " & totalExtracted & " cab files were extracted. Script Complete."

    Manual process using wusa.exe


    C:TOOLSExtract-Cabs-from-MSU-Updates>wusa.exe C:TOOLSExtract-Cabs-from-MSU-UpdatesIE10-Windows6.1-KB3065008-x64.msu  /extract:C:TOOLSExtract-Cabs-from-MSU-UpdatesCabs

  2. Anu says:

    We have a large number of Windows 2008 servers and would like to update IE to IE11. What is the best / easiest way to do so? What are the prerequisites for the IE migration?


    1. AxelRMSFT says:

      For a manage machine, the All-inclusive IE11 install is a good start
      You can run the DISM command outlined in this blog to get the prerequisites which has also being used across Enterprises using SCCM to deploy IE11.

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