How to push a new IEAK Package on a computer without Internet Connection

In this blog we will share a common scenario seeing more often in Controlled IT Environments where there is a need to push a new version of Internet Explorer on machines without internet Connection.

NOTE: In this blog, we will be using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10 English Language as an example, however you should be able to use the same switch for other versions of Internet Explorer!

   This should also apply to IE9 and IE11 deployment !

Method I:

Using the Downloaded Setup. EXE

  • Once you download the setup, from an elevated command window and run the IE10-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe setup with the  /update-no switch. Example: IE10-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe /update-no

TIP: You can use the /? or ? to view all available setup switches!


  • Below, is a screenshot of the process installing on a machine with no network connectivity.


Method II:

Using IEAK Package. The only item you must know is which .exe you need to use.

Extract the IE10-Setup-Full.exe from your  C:\builds\FOLDER_NAME\FLAT\AMD64_WIN7\EN-US  and use the IE-Redist.exe with the /update-no switch.

Example: IE-Redist.exe /update-no

Note: The /update-no cannot be use with MSI packages. This is an IE setup command only and will not work with msiexe.exe. 

Here are the IE10 Prerequisites:  

  • 2729094
  • 2731771 –| This update are supersede by 2758857
  • 2533623 –| This update are supersede by 2758857
  • 2670838
  • 2786081 – Note if this update is uninstalled, Internet Explorer 10 will also automatically be uninstalled (per article  notes)

This blog has been provided to you by The IE Support Team.

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