Safe Search feature for cannot be controlled by IE or managed by Group Policy…

Hey Folks, just a real quick post…


We are seeing some issues coming in with customers wanting to centrally manage the “Safe Search” option that is part of the Microsoft “bing” site:


Unfortunately, this option cannot be managed by IE or via some kind of Group Policy.  The interface is strictly controlled and managed within the site itself.

Please note:  If you are using Bing from India, for example, you are unlikely to see the site’s “Safe Search” setting option. The current work around for this is to click on the country name at the top right and pick choose another nation from the list that is now displayed:





The IE Support Team

Comments (4)

  1. Rich Lantz says:

    You are trying to get ahead in the competition with Google but you don’t make it easy to centrally manage something like this? By not allowing this to be centrally controlled, you will require educators to block access to I would think that would be counter productive for Microsoft.  

  2. John Maxwell says:

    As a teacher we are required to be responsible. Microsoft is obviously NOT responsible. There MUST be a way to centrally lock this aspect or we will be forced to block BING as a search engine.

    Show some social responsibility guys

  3. Sandi Sowell says:

    Isn't it sad how certain groups……..or individuals…..HAVE to make EVERYTHING THEY DISAGREE  WITH, or to which THEY are NOT PERSONALLY CATERED, a BLAME GAME!!

    Everything is PERSONALLY done TO THEM!!  Obviously, THEY are the CENTER of the UNIVERSE!!  They sound just like so many kids today.  I would expect that from children!!

    P.S.  I LOVE your website.

    Sincerely, Sandi Sowell

  4. a.k.sasidharan says:


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