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When working with customers, we are often times asked about benchmarking and performance analysis of Internet Explorer.  In the past this has been a difficult question to answer due to so many factors that can come into play when considering Browser performance. 

With that in mind, Microsoft just recently released a whitepaper that explains various browser components and how each can impact performance when benchmarking. The abilities and pitfalls of various benchmarking tools are compared, as well as ways to design tests that avoid these issues are discussed. Also included is an overview of instructions on how to set up a benchmarking environment to conduct some of the testing processes discussed within the whitepaper.

The whitepaper can be download here.

The whitepaper also includes some actual Browser Load Time comparisons (Appendix A).  I highly recommend reviewing this document if you are interested in understanding and measuring Browser performance within your infrastructure.



The IE Support Team

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  1. Raul I. Sais says:

    Internet Explorer 7 or 8 are not working good. The windows drag to much and many places do not open. Can You help?

  2. Raul I. Sais says:

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