Microsoft Knowledge Base articles regarding Internet Explorer 8

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We thought it might be a good idea to provide you folks a listing of KB articles relevant to IE 8:

How do I uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8? (KB957700)

When you start Internet Explorer 8, it opens  and then closes immediately (KB967896)

How to fix HP Smart Web Printing and Internet Explorer 8 Incompatibility (969227)

Incorrect UA content or “Help Topic not found” error when you launch help in Internet Explorer 8 (KB969284)

How to fix the Drive Letter Access and Internet Explorer incompatibility problem (KB969228)

How to fix the Skype 3.8 IE add-on and Internet Explorer incompatibility (KB968129)

A Compatibility View list update that is dated March 19, 2009 is available for Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB968220)

Description of updates that are installed when you install Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB948564)

Description of the Compatibility View list in Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB960321)

How to solve Internet Explorer 8 installation problems (KB949220)

When you use Internet Explorer 8, you cannot access your Webmail (KB967894)

You cannot browse specific web pages when you use Internet Explorer 8 (KB967897)

You cannot view a secure web site in Internet Explorer 8 (KB968089)

Internet Explorer 8 may prompt you with the following message when you type inside the Address bar: "Download Windows Search to improve history and favorites results" (KB968513)

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if a later version of Internet Explorer is installed (KB917964)

A Compatibility problem exists between Weather Channel Toolbar and Internet Explorer 8 (KB969226)

How to fix incompatibility problems between Internet Explorer 8 and the Google Toolbar (KB968136)

How to fix the Cooliris add-on and Internet Explorer 8 incompatibility (KB969057)

Advanced solutions:  Some Web sites may not be displayed correctly or work correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB968499)

Software updates that are required to be installed before you install Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows Vista-based computer (KB956586)

How to fix PDFCreator Toolbar and Internet Explorer 8 incompatibility problems (KB968916)

Some Web sites may not be displayed correctly or work correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB956197)

Error message when you use Internet Explorer 8 Beta to access your company Web site in Windows Small Business Server 2003: "HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized" (KB961143)

Error message when using Accelerators or Web Slices in Internet Explorer 8: “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page" (KB96913)

Well, that’s all I could come up for now.  I’ll try and post any new KBs that come out, as well!


The IE Support Team

Comments (15)

  1. dirk stevens says:

    What about a solution for IE8 starting up extremely slowly after a successfull installation? 20sec to 1 min startup time every single time, and other components like windows explorer, firefox have become very slow after the installation.

  2. dirk stevens says:

    I would also like to see a solution for the following problem: IE8 installs successfully. Then, when starting it, it takes between 20sec and 1 minute to start. And even after IE8 has completely started, I notice that other apps like windows explorer have become much slower that with IE7. If I deinstall IE8 and go back to IE7, speed is normal again across all apps.

  3. m00nbl00d says:

    Thank you for those knowledge base articles.

    One thing. I installed the final version of IE 8 on two systems, and then, every time I start everything needing Administrator rights, simply hang for quite a few minutes.

    Examples of such are, when updating SpywareBlaster, Spybot – Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes Antimalware.

    When I open Windows services (Start Menu – search field – services.msc) with Administrator rights, it will also hang for quite a few minutes, before Windows services window is displayed.

    Also, when I tried to get into my Admin account, it would also hang. Nothing would appear in the tray bar. I’ve waited like 15 minutes or more, and nothing.

    I’m running Windows Vista SP1 x86, UAC enabled.

    I now went back to RC version. I didn’t have these problems.

    Somehow, the final version is conflicting with applications/processes/installers requiring administrative rights to function properly.

    Could you guys take a look at this?


  4. dirk stevens says:

    I am very much interested in a solution for the extrem long start-up times of IE8 – between 20s and 1 minute. Once IE8 is installed, other apps are slow too eg windows explorer. As soon as I deinstall IE8, everything has a normal speed again.

  5. William says:

    IE8 automatically deletes cookies that have password and preferences information, even though "over-ride of automatic cookie handling" is checked! Every session I have to hunt down passwords and reset preferences over and over again because of this problem.  Using windows XP full updated. I want to get back to IE7. Also it is much slower than IE7.

  6. ofstrangers says:

    24 of 26 installations of IE 8 on XP SP3 and Vista (32bit) have failed. The two successful installs used the full download; the failed installs used auto-update.  A great deal of time was consumed un-installing IE 8 and re-installing IE 7.

    We will most likely switch to other browsers and maintain IE on test machines only.

  7. Does anybody know how to control IE regerding opening of DOT/DOC filetypes.

    We have two behaivors, and would like to control this.

    1. document is showing "embedded"

    2.external Word is started

    Anyone who knows the setting to control this behavior??


    -Åke Lithen, Tieto,

  8. E Doty says:

    When I open a pdf within a webpage, adobe reader launches in a seperate window and I get an error box that says "cannot use adobe reader to view pdf in your web browser. reader will now exit. please exit your browser and try again.

    actually the browser window is perfectly readable so the adobe window is redundant.  how can I turn this off?


  9. dale says:

    how can i get kb956586 have been tring to download so i can install iea8 but can not find it

  10. sami says:

    where can i find 871122 article?


  11. kevin says:

    I am trying to conect to my fios wireless… When i go to home network , view article 871122 pops up. HELP!

  12. robert says:

    can anyone advise why ie downloads of exe files are giving a file type of file instead of application.  just mirrored to new hard drive and this problem started.


  13. AxelRMSFT says:


    It looks like your registry file association may be corrupt. You may want to consider opening a supoprt case if your issue still persist. You can also run a SFC / SCANNOW and see if this helps solve your scenario.

    Releated article:…/929833

  14. bert says:

    I have Windows Vista and IE8. I cannot open any https sites and also cant open any microsoft kb sites. When I put into Google search that I cannot open these sites, I get microsoft kb sites, which I cant open. I think Internet Explorer is a great product, although I cant use it to do very much.

    Thank you

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