Operation aborted errors when using Ajax tool kit

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My name is Veena Karanam and I am an Escalation Engineer on the IE Support Team.  Here’s my first blog.  I hope that you find it informative and helpful!

If you’ve used Internet Explorer enough, you’ve probably had to deal with these “Operation aborted” errors popping up out of nowhere while browsing the web.  This topic has been discussed in the following blogs and Kb article:



Off late, I have seen this come up more frequently. And in almost all of these cases, this was happening due to an element which is getting created and appended in the Ajax Control Toolkit code. The code getting injected would look something like this:

<SCRIPT type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>
<INPUT id=hiddenInputToUpdateATBuffer_CommonToolkitScripts type=hidden

NOTE:  The Ajax toolkit is only supported via the forums located here.

The good news is that Internet Explorer 8 provides some relief by removing this “annoying” dialog. IE8 now incorporates a silent script error and no longer navigates away from the page – WHOO HOO!


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