Internet Explorer 8 and HTML 5 Test Cases

As we on the support teams gear up for Internet Explorer 8, we will try to keep you (our customers) up to date on any new information that becomes available. As part of this initiative, I would like to present some test cases for HTML 5 domstorage and xdm.

This is not a complete list of what is supported in regards to the html 5 specification as it stands in the current form. As we get updates regarding what is supported, we will continue to pass those along. Look for additional Internet Explorer 8 information in the near future as we continue or ramp-up and try to facilitate yours!

(this Blog was brought to you by Aurthur Anderson, Sr Support Escalation Engineer for Internet Explorer)

Please take a look at these test cases with any upcoming release candidates of IE8 and send in your feedback!


The IE Support team

Comments (3)

  1. Will says:

    Lots of buzz around HTML 5, but no mention of IE support in this venue:

  2. As I am venturing into HTML5, I am becoming frustrated with IE8, and it’s lack of support. I already coded my portfolio in HTML5, but IE8 is screwing it up. I am hoping IE will shape up, and support HTML5 soon.

    I’ll keep watching, and waiting though.

  3. thanhpham says:

    Please have HTML5 and CSS3 supported in both IE 8.xx and ASP.NET. I don’t want to think about switching to others but that could change.

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