Slow performance in Internet Explorer 8 after installing the Skype v4.1 application

Hi everyone! We’re seeing another emerging issue around Internet Explorer that we wanted to make you aware of… If you are seeing slow performance within Internet Explorer 8 (opening new tabs, for example), after just recently installing the latest version of the Skype application (v4.1), this could be the cause.  We believe the reason behind…


FYI: The patch has been released for the vulnerability outlined in KB972890, see MS09-032

Just in! A cumulative release is now available for the vulnerability outlined in KB972890.  Details and downloads can be found here: If you have any questions regarding what do you if you already have a workaround in place, please review the FAQ for MS09-032 using the link above.   Please note:  The majority of…


Group Policy ADM template to implement the workaround from Security advisory 973472

Hi everyone! Axel here from the IE Team with a quick Group Policy ADM template to help implement workaround described in security advisory 973472. I am also including the .reg file and .adm templates for both x86 and x64 versions. Please note:  This is an “as is” template, so feel free to tweak it as needed….


IE8: VS 2005 Script debugging is broken after installing IE8 on Windows Vista

Hi everyone! Veena here to discuss an issue that might affect developers using Visual Studio 2005 to perform client side script debugging.   After you install Internet Explorer 8, you may no longer be able to perform client side script debugging using Visual Studio 2005. This issue is discussed in Typically, setting the registry…


How to bypass the web page to save Internet Explorer 7 settings

Hi everyone!   Here’s a quick blog to help users and administrators by-pass that initial web page asking you to save your settings after IE7 is installed…   After installing Internet Explorer 7 all users are supposed to save their settings, the IE automatically redirects the page to "" which redirects to "" till the…


Custom ADM template for managing “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” in Internet Explorer

Hi everyone! We’ve had some requests come in asking for an ADM template that would give Administrators the option to Enable or Disable the “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” Internet Explorer option.  In any event, here it is.  Simply cut/paste the content below into a file with .ADM extension and then add custom template manually:…


Quick and dirty Group Policy ADM template to implement the workaround from KB972890

Hey folks! We’ve received many many requests asking if the workaround mentioned in KB972890 can be implemented via Group Policy.  To that end, we’ve put together an ADM template to help Domain Admins roll this out through Group Policy.  It’s an “as is” template, so feel free to tweak it as needed. Important: This policy…


FixIT available for the vulnerability in the Microsoft Video ActiveX Control, Microsoft Security Advisory (972890)

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that a FixIT is currently available to help users protect themselves against this latest ActiveX Control vulnerability outlined here: The FixIT, when run, will automatically disable the Microsoft Video ActiveX Control.  More information, as well as the FixIT files themselves, can be found here:  …


How to disable DEP/NS Memory protection in IE 8 via policy

Hi Everyone! Axel again, from the IE Escalation team, with another Group Policy pointer. Recently, I was asked to assist in disabling DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for Internet Explorer. This can be done from Group.  The policy will allow you to turn off the Data Execution Prevention feature that is now on by default when…