Q: Where can I find documentation for Team System, including walkthroughs?

A: Product documentation, including walkthroughs, is available by installing the MSDN Library that ships with Team System. In addition, during the Beta 2 timeframe the Visual Studio 2005 Beta Documentation should be updated with the content that ships with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. For more information, see the Visual Studio Team System dev center….


Q: What can cause SyncWithAD_Lookup to fail when creating a new team project?

A: A user object in Active Directory can be referenced using a number of possible names, such as the user principal name (UPN) or user logon name. For this release, the pre-Windows 2000 user logon name (also known as the security account manager name or sAMAccountName) must be the same as the mailNickName. Suppose the…


Q: Why does the “Scc.SccTask” fail due to this exception: “The added or subtracted value results in an unrepresentable DateTime.”

A: This is a known issue in this release. As a workaround, you can set both the client and application tier computers to use the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) time zone. To change the time zone In Control Panel, open Date and Time. Click the Time Zone tab. Select (GMT): Greenwich Mean Time and then click OK….


Q: Does Team Foundation support automated workflow for work items?

A: The work item type templates define the behavior of each of the types in your work item database. Each template carries rules that must be followed when a work item is moved from one state to another. You could design rules that had the effect of automatically assigning work items to other team members when their…


Q: Can a developer have their work items when they are disconnected (i.e., some form of caching?)

A: You can export a list of work items from Team Foundation into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project. You can edit this list while disconnected from the server and then publish the edited list back to Team Foundation when you reconnect. There is no similar facility inside the Visual Studio IDE itself. Applicability: Prerelease