Q: Does Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server integrate with Microsoft Project Server?

A: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server will integrate with Microsoft Project Server through the use Microsoft Project Professional 2003  (VSTS <-> Microsoft Project Professional 2003 <-> Microsoft Project Server 2003). There is no direct integration (server to server). Our current plans for the next version include Microsoft Project Server integration.

Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server

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  1. Ray Johnson says:

    Not only does it not integrate with project server I think the integration with Project is weak at best.

    I wrote a VBA script to integrate Project with ClearQuest.  At only 3 pages of VBA code it does better integration than MS stuff.

    Biggest problems:

    * Will not import task dependancy info between VSTS and Project.

    * Can’t use Project to balance resources accross multiple Team Projects.

    * Can’t import summary tasks from VSTS to Project.  (In fact, VSTS has no real notion of a parent bug.  Neither did ClearQuest – but there we just used another field to indicate it was part of a summary task.)

    In sort, the mapping mechanism from VSTS to Project is woefully lame.  Maybe there is a way to override that mechanism with code?  If so, I have yet to find it…

    Not so impressed…

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  3. Roland Roos says:

    Ray (Johnson),

    Can you mail me your VBA script for Integration with ClearQuest?

    Many thanx

  4. Ray,

    Can you email the script to me as well or post a link to it?

    Much appreciated,


  5. Annamalai says:

    Can you mail your VBA code to me?

    Otherwise can you give sime tips how we can do this?

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