KNOWN ISSUE: Access denied error when sending a work item query using Send to Mail Recipient will fail if the computer does not have a default mail client configured

Problem: If you try to send a work item query to a mail recipient using the Send to Mail Recipient feature, you will receive an access denied error if your computer does not have a default mail client configured.

Workaround: Configure your computer with a default mail client before attempting to use the Send to Mail Recipient feature.

Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Team System December 2004 CTP

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  1. Date: 10.23.05

    From: Steven Stetzel

    To see what I am experiencing, take any file on your desktop…like a newly created word document and right click on it….go to "Send To" and then to "Mail Recipiant".

    IE will open up and it’s looking for a sign-on page of an ISP. Being that I use the MSN exclusively and never use my Outlook, IE shows an error and is unable to connect to server.

    Here’s the strange part. The file you selected to send, is gone. I did a an depth search, looked into system files… but its gone.

    I then took a 4 Meg MP3 file on my desktop, righ clicked on it and performed the same proceedure discribed above. After IE opens up and fails to connect, I close the browser and MP3 file is gone! There is only small ghost of the file left on my deskop that has a extension that can not be opened. I then tried a *.MP3 search and directed file search to look into hidden system files and came up with nothing.

    Where are these files going? They are emailed to nobody. Copies should have been generated and sent (like in all email programs protocal) but instead, the files simply dissapear. Where are they? Have they been renamed with a totally different extension? PLEASE HELP

    My email address is

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