Troubleshooting IIS: Application Slowness

  1. Performance Issue Caused by Crashed Finalizer Thread   2. Deadlock due to two versions of same assemblies loaded 3. Identify deadlock through the hwnd handler  

Process Affinity Again

  Three months ago, I have a blog talking about worker process affinity. Now, we have a similar issue again, but it is more complex this time. My customer has SQL reporting service installed on an 8 CPU windows 2008 system. And he experienced severe performance issue as soon as the application started. IE keep…


IIS FTP Service Hang Due to Ports Contention in Passive-Mode

  IIS FTP is a stable and comparable simple service running in Inetinfo.exe. We seldom face performance issues regarding FTP itself, most of them are caused by network connection or system wide performance issue. Here is one interesting FTP performance case that is related to  FTP working mode and system ports resource.   Symptom ==========…


FTP client application encounters slow file download performance issue.

  Symptom: The FTP client is a .net client application. It invokes wininet.dll to download files from FTP. The application downloads ftp files much slower than FTP.exe and other 3rd party ftp client application. Its speed is  <500kb with a 1000M network link. Troubleshooting: I collect Network Monitor log to begin the troubleshooting. When the…