PowerShell scripts to monitor web server crash eventhang and send notification emails

Web application administration team often requires to have a quick way to monitor web application performance and running status. After studying some articles (thanks to Dmitry’s sharing) , I’d like to share this Powershell script to do this job efficiently, you may use it a sample code and extend its functions you like (such as…


IIS 7 Delegate Remote Application Pool Recycling for Non Administrator

A question raised somewhat frequently from customers asks if there is a way to allow users to remotely recycle an application pool but without giving this user administration privileges on the IIS machine.  Unfortunately, an application pool recycle does need to be run as an administrator, however by using msdeploy we can set  the recycleApp…


IE 7 starts a new connection for every request when access one specific site

After upgrading from IIS 5 to IIS 6, client observed the web application performance was not as good as before. This site uses Windows Integrated Authentication, by compare the IIS log, customer found huge number of 401s were recorded in IIS 6 log. And each 401 takes about 300+ms since customer’s network has high latency….


How to determine Cipher Suite between IE and IIS

  Assume you already looked at Xin’s article about How to use 256 bit SSL in IIS 6.0.   It is quite common to ask whether old version IE client will be affected after applying kb948963 which adds support for AES cipher suites in the Schannel.dll module for Windows Server 2003.   The answer is…


How to configure "RPC over HTTP" for DCOM communication in Windows 2003

Background RPC-over-HTTP enables client programs to use the Internet to execute procedures provided by server programs on distant networks. RPC over HTTP tunnels its calls through an established HTTP port. Thus, its calls can cross network firewalls on both the client and server networks. RPC over HTTP routes its calls to the RPC proxy located…


Got Error 0x80070520 When Binding Certificate to Web Site on IIS 7

  One of my customers had a problem when using one certificate on IIS 7. This certificate once been used on IIS 6 and it works fine. This means there is no problem with the certificate itself.   Here are the steps. Open the IIS MMC, open the Site Bindings, and then add a HTTPS…


Load User Profile in IIS 7

    Assume migrate a classic ASP application within own COM+ component from IIS 6 to IIS 7. The application pool runs under 32-bit compatibility mode and managed pipeline is Classic.   The ASP web application was running stable under the Windows 2003 IIS 6. However, it displays 500 error pages intermittently in IIS 7….


Troubleshooting IIS: IIS Administration Issues

    1. IIS Admin Service cannot start with error 0x80004015   2. IIS MMC hangs after upgrading Windows 2000 to Windows 2003   3. Windows Firewall setting for IIS Manager remote connection   4. Failed to Open IIS MMC after modified machine.config   5. How to index IIS 7.0 Web sites in Windows Server…