How to add web site to Compatibility View List via GPO

  Usually, we add web site to Compatibility View List from IE windows: Click “Tools -> Compatibility Settings” and input web site address in below windows:     It can also be applied from GPO for domain users. Here are several popular methods to achieve this task:   Solution 1 (Recommended as it exactly displays…


How to apply IEM to IE10

Article Updated! Please check this new one:


How to disable Proxy Server settings from IEAK

  When you want to explicit disable Proxy Server on Internet Explorer’s connection setting from IEAK, you may find the setting doesn’t apply: client still keep old exiting setting, i.e. checked.   If check from Group Policy Management Editor, User Configuration->Policies->Windows Settings->Internet Explorer Maintenance->Connection->Proxy Settings, it shows “Enable proxy settings” is UNCHECKED.   However, if…


Changing IE documentation mode using Fiddler

  We got couple of severe IE performance issues recently. After spend lots of time, we suspect these issues are due to poor quirks mode. We want to change the IE documentation mode to verify this. However, for these scenarios, IE hang/dead with 100% CPU, there is no way to change the documentation mode manually….


Failed to apply Proxy Setting through GPO

  We often got customer service requests about Proxy Setting not applying via GPO. Usually customer might deploy LAN setting through GPO IEM.  I summarized several symptoms and solutions from my support experience in case you might get similar issue:    1.  Check if there is invalid entry in Exception List  You may take a…


Lync 2010 always opens chat window hyperlinks in the same IE tab

  I was questioned regarding Lync 2010, why does it always open the chat window hyperlinks in the same IE tab. The IE tabs settings doesn’t seem to take effect. No matter whether you set it to “A new window”, “A new tab in the current window” or “The current tab or window”, clicking a…


IE fails due to some ISPs distort DNS

Case 1   An Intranet portal website is set as IE’s home page. When users are connected to an external network and launch IE, some ISPs might distort the requests and redirect the Intranet website to their own advertise/search websites. Due to the redirect responses have a 301 Permanent redirect status code, after the users…


IE display blank when browsing certain web page

Actually blank page can be caused by many reasons. I will post more cases about blank web page troubleshooting for your interesting later.   Today let me share one I worked on at the end of last year. I think it is a good example about how to use wininet log to figure out kind…