ASP cannot open encrypted Access 2007 database file via ODBC

  Symptom: To reproduce the issue: 1.        Install “2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components” in order to open the new Access 2007 .accdb database file.   2.        Place an .accdb Access 2007 database file on server. The database is password encrypted.   3.        Setup an ODBC system DSN and point it to the…


How to Tune the ASPProcessorThreadMax and EmulateMTSBehavior

  Background Sometimes we may find the ASP requests are very slow because of too many requests queued. Then we can modify the Metabase property of ASPProcessorThreadMax to improve the performance. For more information about how to tune this property, please refer to the following articles Analysis Based on the ASPProcessorThreadMax definition, it…


Web Application Memory Leakage Caused by BSTR

  BSTR is not like a common value type, to use it, it must be allocated and freed explicitly, otherwise will cause various memory leaking problems. There is one case I worked before, I’d like to use it explain how we found out an improper implementation of BSTR in application and how to address it….