How to Apply Favorites & Links to IE10/IE11 in GPO Without IEM


We know that Internet Explorer Maintenance (IEM) has been removed from IE10.

Client machine with IE10+ installed cannot get the content configured in IEM from DC GPO.

Here is official reference:

Target & Suggestions

Customer used to apply “Favorites and Links” via GPO by IE Maintenance. Now the question is: How to apply “Favorites and Links” for IE10/IE11 clients from Windows 2008 R2 DC since IEM NOT working in IE10/IE11?


Detailed Steps:

Steps for add Favorites from “Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Shortcuts”:

1. Open Group Policy Management by “gpmc” command on DC and enter into Editor for Domain Policy that you want to edit.

2. Choose path from “User Configuration-> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Shortcuts”, and create a new shortcut:


3. Please input name in “Name”, select “URL” in ”Target type:”, select “Explorer Favorites” in “Location”, input url you expect in “Target URL”, such as


4. Below picture shows the result after finishing configuration:


5. Run “gpupdate /force” on client machine, IE can get Favorites setting as expected.


Note: The method above which set Favorites can be used for IE6 to IE11 on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. So we suggest customer removing IE maintenance if using this “GPP->Shortcuts” method in case they have any conflicts.

Xiaoman Wang from CSS DSI Team

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  1. D Singh says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post, but what If I wanted to add the links via GPO to the FAVOURITES BAR, rather than just the Favourites as you have shown above?

  2. D Singh says:

    OK, got them added to the Favourites Bar, now here's a serious question, How do I group them in to folders on the favourite Bar?

  3. Evan says:

    D Signh,

    You probably need to specify the full path.  And that path would depend on whether you have them redirected or locally on the machine.





  4. Tyler says:

    Actually you dont need to do the whole path all you need to do is the example below

    Favorites BarFolder1ShorcutName

    so a real one would be like this

    Favorites BarSearch SitesGoogle

    Alternatively you can choose to do the full path and use Environment variables like below

    %userprofile%FavortiesFavorties BarFolder1ShortcutName


    %FavoritesDir%Favorites BarFolder1ShorcutName

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