IE hang when access some web sites with Proxy.pac

  Recently we worked on several IE hang cases which have similar symptoms, let me share our finding and solution.   Symptoms ========   Internet Explorer hangs for minutes before web page can be displayed. It happens on several internet web sites.   No issue if IE set proxy server directly instead of proxy Pac…


Unable to organize favorites in IE8

  After applying following Group Policy setting, users are unable to organize favorites in Internet Explorer 8.   User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Explorer ->Prevent access to drives from My Computer (Restrict C drive only)   IE favorites location is under C:\Documents and Settings\*USERNAME*\. When above GP is enabled, it is the expected behavior.   In…


Internet Explorer Fails to open PDF file

Occasionally, Internet Explore fails to open PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader and displays a blank screen.   In the network monitor trace, it shows that client side receives the PDF file from server and logs Http 200.   From process monitor log, it shows the Internet Explorer fails to open pdf documents due to…


A “404 File not found” issue caused by ASP.NET v4.0 Extensionless URL feature on IIS 6.0

    Symptom =======   After IIS is restarted, my customer received “404 File not found” error when he tried to visit his web site, e.g http://servername/ . If he visited http://servername/index.htm, he would get the page successfully. The failed request in IIS log is: 2011-12-01 09:38:43 W3SVC1 GET / – 80 –…


How to develop and deploy ActiveX control in C#

How to develop and deploy ActiveX control in C# There are lots of documents regarding how to develop and deploy an ActiveX control in native code(VB, C++, Delphi, …), however there’s few documents describe the manual in .NET. With this manual, you will learn how to develop, sign and deploy an ActiveX control with C#.NET….