WCF call has 15 seconds delay after idle for couple of minutes

  Customer has a WCF application which uses ASP.Net as a client. The service is hosted on another IIS as well. For secure purpose, customer enabled transport layer security for the WCF service.   Customer found the ASP.Net web page took more than 15+ seconds sometimes while normally it takes less than 1 second. With…


ASP.Net application hangs due to string.IndexOf

I had an interesting case recently. We discovered a hang in ASP.Net application caused by string.IndexOf method. Problem description:  Frequently, this ASP.Net application would hang and the IIS worker process needs to be restarted for the application to function correctly. This happens even when the load is low. Troubleshooting: Same as before, we captured hang…


High Performance ASP.NET application (2) – Caching ASP.NET application Introduction

Last time we take a bite of a piece of writing high performance ASP.NET application – State Management. Today, we’ll continue our topic to explore the ASP.NET caching mechanism. How to effectively and efficiently leverage cache when writing your ASP.NET application is essential to the application performance in terms of response time and resource management….