Application Pool dropdown list displays <Invalid Application Pool> in IIS 6.0


Application Pool dropdown list displays <Invalid Application Pool> item only.


Following the steps in below blogs and IIS reset, but still the same.

Cannot Select an Application Pool in IIS 6.0 "Invalid Application Pool" message


Use Metabase Explorer, no issue is found. Both Application Pool’s KeyType and WebSite’s AppPoolId are correct. 


Then, we open IIS configuration file metabase.xml under c:\windows\system32\inetsrv in the notepad.


Checked the <IIsApplicationPools> and <IIsApplicationPool> sections, it looks ok. However, there is an extra node, as below:

<IIsApplicationPools Location="/LM/W3SVC/AppPools" AdminACL="xx" AppPoolIdentityType="2" … StartupTimeLimit="90" />

  <IIsConfigObject Location="/LM/W3SVC/AppPools/XXXAppPool121" />

-<IIsApplicationPool Location="/LM/W3SVC/AppPools/DefaultAppPool" AppPoolAutoStart="TRUE" AppPoolIdentityType="2" … PeriodicRestartTime="0">



Compared with my local metabase.xml file, there is no <IIsConfigObject> section between <IIsApplicationPools> and <IIsApplicationPool>



Backup the metabase.xml

Stop the IIS admin service

Remove <IIsConfigObject> section in the metabase.xml

Restart IIS admin service and HTTP SSL, W3Svc, etc.


Application Pool dropdown list displays properly in web site properties in IIS.


Confirmed from customer, this extra node seems to be added by 3rd configuration tool.






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