Troubleshooting Biztalk






1.      0x800706D9 when contact a SSO master secret cluster


2.      Biztalk: No result returns when click the button “Run Query” in HAT [Operations -> Service Instances] or [Operations ->Messages]


3.      Connection problem with the old BPA version


4.      0xc0c01b15 fail to start BizTalk service


5.      ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier happened to 64 bit BizTalk Host


6.      Unable to suspend or terminate active service instance in Biztalk


7.      How to process “multipart/form-data” message submitted to BTSHttpReceive.dll


8.      How to fix ENTSSO “Access is Denied” warnings on Biztalk Server

9.      How does BizTalk detect if a host instance is dead in BTS2K6, 2K6R2 and 2K9?

10. How to remove invalid character in incoming XML message using custom pipeline component





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