How to configure individual MSDTC resource with SQL cluster application in SQL Server 2008 Failover Cluster


In the Windows 2008 Failover Cluster environment, we recommend the "Incoming Caller Authentication Required" security setting for the MSDTC service. I'll describe how to create the private MSDTC cluster resource for the SQL instance.

Environment: Windows 2008 SP2 Failover Cluster

SQL Server 2008

Step 1: Install the SQL Server cluster

Since this step is not the main purpose of this document, so I won't give you the detailed information of this topic. Please refer to the following documents to install SQL Server Cluster.

Step 2: Create the MSDTC resource for the SQL instance

1.    In "Failover Cluster Management" MMC, right click the SQL instance and select Add a resource->More resources…->2-Add Distributed Transaction Coordinator



2.    Then, the MSDTC resource will be listed in the same group. Please right click the MSDTC resource and select "Properties", then input the dependencies of Network name and disk.





3.    Bring this MSDTC resource online


4.    Open "Component Services" MMC, you can find this MSDTC instance on the left tree. Right click this MSDTC instance and select "Properties", then check the following items.

Network DTC Access

Allow Inbound

Allow Outbound

Incoming Caller Authentication Required





5.    Now, we need to change the Network resource name to the DNS name, otherwise the MSDTC runtime can't get the proper Network resource at runtime. After you install the SQL Cluster, the Resource Name could be "SQL Network Name(<DNS name>)", please refer to the following picture.




To change the resource name, please run the following command:

Cluster.exe res "SQL Network Name (<DNS name>)" /ren:<DNS name>

For example, I need to run this command in my scenario: Cluster.exe res "SQL Network Name (sean-sl08)" /ren:sean-sl08

Now, your MSDTC resource can work properly. You can run the DTCTester tool to do testing.


Understanding MS DTC Resources in Windows Server 2008 Failover Clusters:

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  1. For some reason I cannot see your screenshots, are they posted?

  2. Sam says:

    Why do I have to run the Cluster.exe res "SQL Network Name (<DNS name>)" /ren:<DNS name>

    command?  If it is already the correct name it should work fine right? Does this cause a failover?

  3. Hi Sam, The SQL group (created by SQL installation) has a network name resource which was called "SQL Netowrk Name (DNSName)". In MSDTC uses this resource name property rather than the property of the short dns name e.g. "DNSName". This may be eventually causing the authentication to fail. So we should change it

  4. Anand says:

    Hi All,

    1. My AD and integreated DNS got corrupted and restore from backup was not succesfull.
    2. Reisntall the AD and DNS and created computer objects for cluster resources manually.

    3. All the cluster resources are not coming online showing the following status in properties.

    DNS Status: DNS Bad Key

    Kerberous Status: There si no object on the Server.

  5. Bob says:

    After creating this msdtc resource, should you change the default msdtc resource for the cluster to be this one?  Thanks, Bob

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